Stretch, Rebalance, Restore

Baptiste Power Yoga

60, 75 & 90 minute classes

The Baptiste Journey into Power contains 53 poses, or asanas linked together by continual physical momentum and consists of five classical pillars: Drishti (gaze), Ujjayi (breath), Bandhas (foundation), Tapas (heat) and Vinyasa (flow). Maximum effort, y’all.   


60 minute classes

Adapted from the Journey into Power, this class flows more slowly and contains fewer poses. A perfect class to familiarize you with key postures and the five classical pillars of the practice:  Drishti (gaze), Ujjayi (breath), Bandhas (foundation), Tapas (heat) and Vinyasa (flow).


60 minute classes

Super-charged nap-time guided meditation. One true thing for every single of us is that we know how to sleep, no one had to teach us how. Yoga Nidra is ancient and taps into our built-in power of sleep to heal us without any effort. Science has verified its benefits and the VA recommends it as a tool for veterans to significantly reduce PTSD symptoms. It’s good stuff for all us.

In addition to weekly classes, we offer:

Private Individual and Group Yoga Sessions    

Ecstatic Dance with Journey to Bliss Yoga 

Monthly True North Alignment Workshop  

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