Welcome to All Y'all Yoga, a Baptiste Power Yoga community!

Located in South Seminole Heights, our LGBT-owned studio is dedicated to the simple belief that yoga is for anyone. All humans can benefit greatly from the practice of Yoga. We’re passionate about creating an inclusive environment that promotes and values diversity.  Our Programs are: Baptiste Power Yoga, Beginner Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. Our experienced teachers are here to help guide our students to explore yoga in a safe and supportive environment.    

Why Baptiste Power Yoga?

We chose Baptiste Power Yoga Program for our studio because we have experienced for ourselves the power of its focus on the five classical pillars: Pranayama (Breath), Asana (Physical practice), Niyama (Inquiry), Dhyana (Meditation) Tapas (Heat), and Drishti (Gaze).  Yoga can be intimidating to first time practitioners. It is the mission of Baptiste Power Yoga to make yoga accessible to anyone, from any background, looking for physical, mental and emotional transformation. It is for everybody, no matter what level of fitness. It is purposefully challenging and active so that it can catapult you from wherever you are right now to whole new thresholds of physical and mental power. 

We offer daily Baptiste Journey into Power Yoga classes in 60, 75, and 90 minute classes. We also offer a monthly True North Alignment Workshop to provide our students with more information and insight in to this practice. Please check out our Schedulefor class times.    

Baptiste Power Yoga is for anyone of any experience level. For those new to yoga or coming back to practice after time away who would like to explore yoga more slowly, All Y’All Yoga has created a Beginners Yoga program to provide a supportive space to learn and explore the practice of yoga. Using elements of Vinyasa Yoga (based on the Baptiste Power Yoga Sequence) the Beginners Yoga class is an amazing class to explore you as you explore yoga.  

baptiste power yoga

I didn’t notice anything else but how amazing it was to be a human being breathing and moving through this gravitational field of planet Earth

Why Yoga Nidra?

Because this ancient practice – as ancient as the practice of yoga itself – has proved an effective tool for mitigating symptoms of PTSD, trauma, anxiety, and stress, we want to offer more of this practice iourcommunity. Anyone can benefit from this physically effortless meditation technique.  


Our studio entrance is on the back porch. You’ll want to be in the left-hand lane of one-way northbound Florida Avenue to turn left onto W Alva St or W Genesee St, then immediately into the parking lot. We are the yellow part of the building on the southwest corner. There are spots in front of the fence and sometimes directly behind the back porch. Please do not park between the buildings!